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Media Engagement

The ability to communicate with authority, impact and calm can determine the public’s view of your company. Your organisation’s reputation could rest on your how YOU explain a new service in two minutes.

If you are the face and the voice of your organisation whose role it is to explain what you do to the public via the  Press and Broadcast Media, this is the Course for you. You are an assured speaker, having mastered the skills introduced in the Communications Course but you now face a different set of challenges as you engage with the Press and the Broadcast Media. This Course is specifically designed to help you Manage the Media interview and communicate with authority and calm amidst the pressure of Media scrutiny. I offer:

  • Free Zoom call to establish your specific Media Training needs.        ( Press interview, live television or radio interview or recorded interviews).
  • Course development and design
  • Course delivery ( online via Zoom)
  • Free after care(  Zoom feedback session)

The skills development course combines direct instruction with critical review of Media content and role play activities and may cover:

  • Understanding the News Editor’s world
  • Writing press releases
  • Preparing for the Media Interview
  • When to say no
  • Managing nerves during a live or recorded interview
  • Staying on message
  • How to rescue a ‘ car crash’ Media interview
  • Maintaining positive Media relations.

This Course will be for PR/ Sales Managers, Managers or Heads of Companies, Charities, Faith and Advocacy Groups.

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