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More Power for Your Voice

Win results for your public story

Learn the skills to win that bid, secure your audience support and tell YOUR story with authority and aplomb.

What's YOUR story?

Do you need support or coaching to...

Are you now ready to overcome your anxiety about speaking about your company, charity or cause? I design and deliver online or face to face Master classes  to help you achieve your Communication goals.

I believe that you are unique and that your story matters

Whether it’s the introduction of a new digital finance system or process, a life changing Bio-tech device or Charity. I use my combined experience to train you to clarify, structure and deliver your own story with authenticity and impact.

More power for your voice and your message

Having spent the last 40 years of my professional life as a broadcaster, journalist, teaching fellow and corporate trainer, I have the experience to show you how to share your story effectively and clearly.

Services Overview

Communications Coaching

Are you now ready to face your fears and communicate with calm and confidence.

Choose this course to develop the communications skills to secure that bid and win audience support.

Media Engagement Course

Your organisation’s public reputation can sometimes rest on YOUR ability to face the Media with confidence, control your message and manage that Media interview. This course will successfully prepare you for the press and Media Interview.


Do you need a speaker or Moderator who is passionate about young people in Education, Windrush Justice, Active citizenship, Advocacy and Creative writing? Contact me to discuss your specific needs.